The Inspiring Journey of Buttonscarves:

Blending Passion, Perseverance, and Strategic Growth

In the dynamic world of fashion, stories of resilience, creativity, and unwavering determination stand out. One such remarkable narrative is that of Buttonscarves—a brand that has risen from modest beginnings to captivate the hearts of hijab enthusiasts worldwide. Linda Anggreaningsih, the visionary behind Buttonscarves, has not only woven fashion but also inspiration and dreams into her brand.

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Qverse: Providing Fund to Grow Your Business
Qverse: Providing Fund to Grow Your Business

The Challenge

Embracing Challenges and Innovating

Linda's journey commenced with a dream—to empower and adorn women with her creations. She recognized that dreams need a strong foundation of effort to materialize. The inception of Buttonscarves and Benang Jarum faced hurdles, but Linda viewed them as stepping stones towards perfection. The brand now shines not only in Indonesia but also globally, with collaborations inspired by Disney.

A Spiritual Awakening and Entrepreneurial Drive

Linda's path to success wasn't a straight line. After leaving a coveted job, she sought purpose. Her Umrah pilgrimage connected her deeply with her faith and guided her towards entrepreneurship. This transformative journey led her to embrace the hijab and embark on the quest to empower others.

Overcoming Challenges, Defining Uniqueness

Buttonscarves' voyage was far from effortless. Linda, unfamiliar with fashion, faced criticism, including concerns about pricing. Yet, she transformed challenges into growth opportunities. Incorporating laser-cutting techniques set Buttonscarves apart, offering precision and intricate detailing that resonated with customers.

Research and development became Linda's compass. She recognized her own limitations and tirelessly worked to enhance her products. The outcome was a collection that stood out, backed by her determination to bridge gaps in the market.

From Humble Origins to Resilient Entrepreneurship

Buttonscarves' entrepreneurial journey mirrored Linda's tenacity. Despite failures, she transformed into a resilient entrepreneur, handcrafting patterns and overseeing shipments. Her perseverance and commitment to learning from mistakes defined her path to success.

Buttonscarves wasn't just about fashion—it created opportunities for local artisans, predominantly women. The brand's expansion included 40 stores in Indonesia, 3 in Malaysia, and accolades, such as being recognized as the Best Valuable Brand by Hijup Indonesia and collaborating with international icons.

The Qverse Growth Fund

Empowering Transformation & Exponential Growth

Linda's gratitude extends to the Qverse Growth Fund—a transformative initiative. Being selected as a local favorite within the Growth Fund stands as a testament to Buttonscarves' commitment to excellence.

Since the beginning of Buttonscarves, we have been supported by HIJUP which is now part of Qverse and we are also trusted to be one of the local brands of choice in the Growth Fund to be able to compete with other local products even abroad. It is an honor to be able to continue to work together, work and grow together to advance the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry.

Linda Anggrea

CEO Buttonscraves

The Growth Fund, a dynamic endeavor led by Qverse, fueled Buttonscarves' trajectory. This strategic partnership provided financial backing for two pivotal initiatives, enhancing the brand's position and reach.

The result

Strengthening Competitive Advantage

The fund fortified Buttonscarves' competitive edge. Production capabilities increased, resulting in efficient cost management, thereby solidifying the brand's position. This translated into delivering top-notch quality at compelling prices—an embodiment of Buttonscarves' values.

Expanding Market Reach

The Growth Fund facilitated the simultaneous opening of new stores, deepening the brand's market penetration. This expansion reflects Buttonscarves' dedication to reaching diverse audiences. Strategic integration was made possible through the support and backing of the Growth Fund and Qverse.

Linda's gratitude encapsulates a partnership beyond finances—an alignment of visions and innovation. Buttonscarves' journey, empowered by Qverse's initiative, illustrates how strategic investments yield growth and industry advancement.

In an evolving business landscape, Buttonscarves signifies collaboration, innovation, and determination. Linda's appreciation underscores partnership's power, resonating with entrepreneurs navigating market dynamics. As Buttonscarves thrives, it epitomizes potential unlocked when strategic support and visionary initiatives unite.

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