Shukaku Grill and Agemono:

Scaling Up Japanese Culinary Experience with Quality and Halal Assurance

In the vibrant realm of food and beverages (F&B), PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group that has Shukaku Grill and Agemono as their Brand has firmly established itself as a legal entity of the highest order.

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Qverse: Providing Fund to Grow Your Business
Qverse: Providing Fund to Grow Your Business

Recognized and registered by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on November 15, 2021, and officially listed with the Investment Coordinating Board on November 18, 2021, PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group has made significant strides in the F&B industry.

The Challenge

A Culinary Vision Beyond Borders

Founded by Suhud Setia, PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group has become a prominent player in the F&B sector, operating a variety of outlets across West Java and DKI Jakarta. Their establishments, including Shukaku BBQ, Shabu&Agemono, and Tepian Rasa Live Seafood, have earned a reputation for excellence and commitment to culinary quality.

Quality Assurance and Halal Integrity

PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group is deeply committed to providing quality and ensuring the halal integrity of its culinary offerings. All food and beverages served at their establishments adhere to the strict standards and certifications of the Indonesian Ulema Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia or MUI). This dedication ensures that every customer's visit is not just enjoyable but also aligns with their dietary preferences and requirements.

Shukaku BBQ, Shabu&Agemono:

An Unforgettable Culinary Journey

One of the group's flagship ventures, Shukaku BBQ, Shabu&Agemono, is a Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant that offers a unique three-in-one dining experience. Guests can indulge in tableside grilling (Panggang/BBQ), savory simmering (Rebus/Shabu-Shabu), and expert frying (Goreng/Agemono). This innovative concept invites diners to take part in the joy of preparing their own dishes, adding an interactive and enjoyable element to their culinary adventure.

A Kaleidoscope of Flavors and Choices

At Shukaku BBQ, Shabu & Agemono, an extensive selection of high-quality imported meats takes center stage. These premium ingredients, combined with Shukaku's signature sauces, authentic shabu-shabu broths, a diverse buffet counter, and live cooking stations, ensure a comprehensive and memorable dining experience. Diners can personally select their preferred ingredients and witness the culinary mastery of Shukaku's chefs as they prepare each dish to perfection.

Certified Excellence in Halal Dining

Shukaku BBQ, Shabu & Agemono proudly holds official certification for halal integrity, meeting the stringent standards and requirements established by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). This distinction ensures that diners can enjoy the finest Japanese cuisine with the assurance that their dietary preferences and beliefs are respected.

A Strategic Partnership with Qverse:

Navigating the Path to Growth

As PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group embarked on its journey to culinary excellence, it encountered a significant turning point in 2021 when it joined forces with Qverse. Recognizing the founders' commitment and the robust business model that had been established, Qverse saw PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group as a valuable partner.

On the other hand, PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group viewed Qverse as a strategic collaborator capable of providing committed support through the Growth Fund and valuable actionable insights for their business development. The partnership between PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group and Qverse symbolizes a shared vision for growth and excellence in the culinary industry.

Expanding Horizons with Qverse

With the strategic support of Qverse, PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group envisions expanding its culinary horizons across Indonesia. Their goal is to establish new branches of their successful restaurants in more Indonesian cities, reaching a wider audience and serving the diverse tastes of the Indonesian people.

The partnership between PT. Mitra Boga Persada Group and Qverse represents not just a business collaboration but also a shared commitment to culinary excellence, growth, and innovation. As they continue to thrive and expand their presence, they invite diners and food enthusiasts to join them on a journey filled with diverse culinary experiences, all rooted in a passion for exceptional cuisine and a dedication to quality and halal assurance.

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